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Unlock the true potential of your business, partner with Rattle Tech for dedicated teams that will help you achieve your objectives seamlessly and efficiently. Transform your tech vision into reality with our expertly curated dedicated software development teams. Reach milestones, meet deadlines, and experience peace of mind with Rattle Tech Teams.

Rattle Tech Teams: What They Are and Why You Need Them

We redefine business success through strategic outsourcing, ushering in a game-changing era for companies. From seamless accounting processes to backend sales optimization, we ensure that every aspect of your business thrives. Our expertise extends to web and mobile app development, guaranteeing a digital presence that stands out.

“What’s causing the buzz? Our approach, celebrated for its precision, is as follows – we assemble a team of expert professionals based in India who will work exclusively for your business success. They will orchestrate outcomes with accelerated speed and heightened quality, resulting in budget reductions ranging from 50% to 70%. This model alleviates recruitment concerns and administrative hassles, and is ideal for startups and dynamic tech ventures. Additionally, we will help you hire all profiles required for your business, including Back Office positions.

Our dedicated team model adeptly navigates the work process amidst evolving tech landscapes, integrating with your team to weave together quality and innovative solutions. Embark on a transformative journey with Rattle Tech Teams.

Dedicated Teams: Working Together to Deliver High-Quality Software Solutions

At Rattle Tech Teams, the entire journey towards project success is crafted around collaboration.

We initiate the process by thoroughly understanding your requirements – be it technical expertise, soft skills, specific roles, work hours, company culture, or team goals. With this clarity in mind, we create a comprehensive service outline, laying the groundwork for a strong and collaborative partnership.

We leverage our extensive networks to curate a team tailored precisely to fit your business unique needs. Working closely with your hiring managers, we organize interviews, and once the dream team is handpicked, the onboarding process is swift. Now exclusively dedicated to realizing your project goals, this strategic alliance not only propels your business toward success but also optimizes time and resources. Whether navigating undefined requirements, steering a startup, or managing a dynamic tech landscape, our dedicated team stands as your committed partner. Ready to transform possibilities into realities? Contact us, and let’s sculpt a successful business journey together.

Rattle Tech's Dedicated Teams

Your Solution to Finding the Best Remote Talent

Unlocking Efficiency and Expertise – The Benefits of Partnering with Rattle Tech Teams

Rattle Tech Teams

With the rapid development and evolution in the IT industry, it is advantageous for companies to outsource requirements and consider collaborating with a Dedicated Rattle Tech Team to meet project goals.

What is a Dedicated Team?

It’s a model in which a client and a developer’s team collaborate on a long-term basis. The outsourced team — which already has the right skills and knowledge for the client’s industry — focuses on the project and is guaranteed to remain on that project till goals are met.

This model is quickly becoming very popular because the client gets a team of professionals with the specific expertise they require to fulfill their business goals. The team is concerned with realizing one project, which increases the speed and quality of results. Also, with this model, clients can see savings of 35% to 70%.

When is it best to opt for a Rattle Tech Dedicated Team?

Rattle Tech Dedicated team is the best option for projects with undefined requirements, and for aspiring startups, as well as evolving tech businesses. This model is also suitable for long-term projects, where scope changes frequently, or when the client’s team lacks skills in specific areas. 

The main aim of the team is to work as part of the client’s team, seamlessly, and provide quality solutions.

How it Works


The initial interaction will be to understand your requirements and what you want to achieve. This includes the technical and soft skills needed, roles for specific positions, expected work hours; also, an understanding of the company’s culture, work style and goals for the team.



Once these requirements are clear, we create an agreement with an outline of our services.



Using our database and networks, we source the most qualified candidates to work on your team.



We work with your hiring managers to schedule interviews with potential candidates.



Once selected, we onboard the new team members who will then begin working exclusively with you on your project.

Transform your technology vision into reality with our expert team. Contact us today.

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